Places I’ve visited in the Philippines


White Sand Beach on Samal Island, Philippines.

Samal Island. If you’ve been there, the name would send sighs and sensations of relaxation. It’s a perfect beauty, starting to make itself known to tourists in Davao City. The Boracay of Davao, it has great spots for a great day-off from work. From coral reefs to starfish shores, you will love the white sand beaches around Samal Island.

Camiguin Island, Philippines; Tuasan Falls, Camiguin Island; Philippines; Wonders of the Philippines; The fun in the Filipino

Many of the wonders of Camiguin Island, Philippines. Cool water fresh enough to drink! (Note: I actually drank some. It tasted like bottled water. I didn’t die…)

Camiguin Island. A jewel hidden from the human world. It has the greatest family experience, all wrapped up in one small island. A great place to tour around, where you can get various spots of activities and not having to travel too far. From hot to cold to bubbly springs, waterfalls, and the most beautiful coral reefs I have ever seen, this is an island you don’t want to skip on that “Places to go when in the Philippines” list.